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5 Label Tricks – Don’t Get Duped by “Natural” Foods

By Crystal Collins, Contributor Time and time again I see it: Everyday shoppers want to get healthier. So they pick up something from the store that is ridiculously expensive, but no healthier than what they’ve been purchasing in the past. Let’s call...

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A Good Night’s Sleep: More Important Than You Think!

A good sleep allows for us to remain alert and functional during the day, as well as perform and maintain concentration at work. Sleep affects our metabolism, our mood and our immune system. Some study shows that only through sleep can our brain cleanse itself of...

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Getting Ready for Bathing Suit Season?

While this is a frightening thought for most of us, fitness expert Craig Ramsay ( recommends a 5-minute workout anywhere routine: Perform these three simple excersizes while waiting in line: alternating calf raises, 20 reps; gentle pendulum side-leg swings,...

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7 Myths About Bullies

Cyberbullying is a spillover of local peer-group dynamics. The same kids who get bullied at school get bullied on the Internet.

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Female-owned businesses more attractive to millennials

Rebecca Gowler , 01 Apr 2015 Organizations can learn a lot about company culture from female-owned businesses, Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup executive VP of global strategy and talent, global Brand Leader for Right Management, told HR magazine. Swan said female-owned...

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6 Proven Ways to Deal with a Bad Boss

Horrible bosses aren't just in the movies. How many times have you heard someone complain about a bad boss? Almost everyone has worked with one at some time in their careers. Type in "bad boss" on Google and you get 356 million hits. It's an awful situation to be in,...

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