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Employee Assistance

Why do you need One Source? Our counseling services, work/life resources, unlimited management consultation by phone or in person, and referrals to specific programs offer your small business the expertise you need at an affordable price that will fit your budget. Bilingual services are also available for our Spanish speaking clients.

Worksite Stress Problems Include:

  • Job tasks such as poor working conditions, inconvenient hours, extremely difficult tasks, work overload or underload, physical hazards, and dehumanizing environments.
  • Relationships with co-workers in the areas of poor relationships with peers or supervisors, competition with other employees, problems receiving assignments and suggesting improvements and non-acceptance from co-workers.
  • “Bad fits” where employees struggle with unclear job descriptions, conflicting demands, too much or not enough responsibility.
One Source EAP has a goal to restore employees to full productivity. More specifically, One Source provides free, confidential short term counseling to identify the employee’s problem and when appropriate, makes a referral to an outside organization, facility or program that can asist the employee in resolving his or her problem. Additionally, One Source can provide organizations with helpful training in areas such as stress management, conflict resolution, communication, parenting and relationship enhancement, and many others.

Employee Support:

One Source provides counseling for daily issues & job performance Identifies and resolves workplace challenges before they result in high medical and disability costs Promotes a healthy lifestyle for all employees

Employer Support:

One Source provides resources/support during crisis situations Provides services that complement Human Resources Reduces potential for litigation and internal mismanagement of issuesShort-term counseling services covered by the One Source EAP include:
  • Marital
  • Family
  • Physical Health
  • Substance Use
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Legal/Financial Issues
  • Job Performance
  • Co-worker Conflict
  • Critical Incidents at the Workplace